Here’s how you can remove bacterial plaque form your teeth in under 5 minutes

With this brilliant tip, and without side effects, you will keep your pearly whites, removing plaque in just 5 minutes and best of all… without having to go to the dentist. You can do this at home. I really hope you take advantage of these great tips.

The bacterial plaque is the accumulation of calcium and phosphorus on the surface of your teeth. This plaque builds up through food debris, saliva and microorganisms.

There are 2 types of tartar:

  • Sub-gingival – This is located under the gums, and it has a firm consistency relative to supra-gingival with a greenish or blackish color.
  • Supra-gingival – It forms above the edge of the gums presenting a white or yellowish color. This one is very easy to remove.

The main cause of plaque is due to an excessively acidic food. And the lack of oral hygiene also contributes to the development of this plaque.

Food and beneficial supplements to prevent tartar

  • Fresh fruits and raw vegetables – arugula, spinach, chard, lettuce and apples.
  • White clay – helps our body alkaline and the pH of the mouth.
  • Sea water – cleans and strengthens teeth also helping to alkaline pH of the mouth.
  • Stevia – natural sweetener beneficial for your teeth.

Techniques for removal and reduction of tartar

tartar removal 1

Activated carbon powder – Helps clear your teeth and is one of the most popular dental treatments today. Just like the sodium bicarbonate, the charcoal should not be used too frequently, and it may become abrasive to the dental enamel. When buying charcoal make sure that it’s from vegetable origin (wood, coconut, etc.) and not from petroleum. This product is easily found in health food stores.

Application: wet the toothbrush with water and put a little coal dust on top of it. Rub your teeth normally and when you’re done wash your teeth with lukewarm water.

tartar removal 2

Sunflower oil or sesame oil – washes with these oils help clear the plaque and remove toxins from our mouth. It is especially recommended in cases of oral infections or gingivitis. Its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment make this excellent oral antiseptic.

Application: gargle with sesame oil or sunflower.

tartar removal 3

Finally, be sure to always take care of your oral hygiene. Floss before bedtime to make sure you do not get food particles between your teeth all night.