A Great Choice for Dental Services in Cocoa Beach

Vevera Family Dental is An Excellent Choice For Dental Services in Cocoa Beach Florida

Dental services include a wide range of diagnostic and preventive dental services covering, dental consultation and examination, oral cancer screening, routine cleanings and maintenance, sealants, suture removal, teeth cleaning, urgent evaluation, x-rays and many others. Dental services can be provided only by licensed dentist, practitioners, and oral hygienists. Most dental doctors today provide personalized services through the use of technology.

Dental services can be broadly classified into three categories – general dentistry, specialty services, and cosmetic dentistry.
1. General Dentistry – includes services related to bridge work, custom mouthguards. Bite disorders, dental decay, dentures, excessive wearing down of teeth, fillings, fluoride treatments, gum disease, routine care, root canal treatments, etc.
2. Specialty services – this category includes dental implants, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, etc.
3. Cosmetic dentistry – covers composite bonding, ceramic crowns and bridges, dental implant restorations, porcelain crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. Modern techniques in dentistry and technological advancements offer the latest solutions for problems ranging from broken, chipped and missing teeth to teeth discoloration.

Dentistry services provided by Vevera Family Dental include the option of insurance through third party providers such as Care Credit. Several governmental and non-profit programs come to the aid of residents in need of dental services that include braces, caps, checkups, cleaning and dentures.

mojakphotography_11This Cocoa Beach dental practice has qualified dentists and expert faculty, under whose supervision dental students and students in training provide routine dental care at economical rates. Since some of these clinics and hospitals double up as teaching institutions, care and treatment is provided in an instructional environment; treatments here may take a longer duration those at private dental practices and may require several sessions or sittings for completion of treatment. Some clinics make it mandatory for patients to provide referrals for their dentist before fixing appointments for specialized treatments.

Vevera Family Dental provides first-time patients with initial evaluation of their oral health before assigning them for specific checkups, cleaning or specified treatment as the case may be. Patients who require basic and routine dental care and minor treatments are treated by dental practitioners who practice at these clinics. Others requiring specific evaluations or treatment are referred to other specialty clinics, many of which abound in the Cocoa Beach area.


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